Traffic Signs & Symbols

It is important and mandatory for all drivers driving motor bikes, car or any other automobile to be aware of all traffic signs, symbols and signals. All such signs and symbols are located at most major traffic signals, major roads, road turnings & crossings, near schools and hospitals, railway crossings and other important places.

It is not hard to learn and understand the meaning of traffic signs and symbols. All one need to do is have a look at  the traffic rules guide and understand meaning of these signs and symbols. 

Traffic signs & symbols can be of following types:
Traffic Signs & Symbols
  1. Regulatory Signs
  2. Warning Signs
  3. Marker Signs
  4. Guide and Informational Signs
  5. Recreational and Cultural Interest Signs
  6. Signs for Bicycle Facilities
  7. Temporary Traffic Control Signs
  8. Railroad and Light Rail Signs
  9. School Signs
  10. Emergency and Incident Management Signs
Here are all major traffic signs and symbols with explanation and meaning.
Traffic Signs & Symbols